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Features & Benefits

How can we help?

Why Seek Help?

If you feel you may have some difficulty hearing, it pays to get checked by a hearing care professional.
A consultation doesn’t take long and is completely painless.

Concerned about hearing solutions and how they look?
You shouldn’t worry about having to wear a hearing aid. The days of the big ugly hearing aids are well and truly over. Today’s hearing solutions are so discreet that they are actually far less obvious than wearing glasses. Take a look at one up close and you will see.

The Hearing Care Professional

A hearing care professional, sometimes called an audiologist, specialises in identifying, diagnosing, treating and monitoring hearing disorders. Once they test your hearing and analyse your situation, they devise a treatment option that would best suit you and your lifestyle.

Their main goal is to ensure your hearing is the best it can be so that any hearing loss you may have interferes as little as possible with your life.

What is a hearing test?

A hearing test takes place in a sound-proofed room or cubicle. You will take a seat, put on some headphones and listen.

The hearing care professional will start playing sounds that start at a bass tone and work up to treble tone; they will ask you to push a button when you hear each sound. Each time you press the button, the hearing care professional will plot your results which will enable them ascertain your hearing range.

Once your type and degree of hearing loss has been determined, your hearing care professional will be able to decide how much amplification you will need; they may then show you a range of instruments appropriate for your individual hearing loss and together you can decide what is right for you.

Discuss your hearing with others

Talking about your hearing with the people you care about is not only important, but a step in coming to terms with your hearing loss.

Bring someone with you to your appointment
You are always welcome – in fact many
hearing care professionals recommend – that you bring someone close to you to your appointment. It can be a great help during this visit to have someone with you who can perhaps provide other information about your hearing you may not have noticed yourself.

Hearing loss really is perfectly natural
Remember, there is nothing wrong about having a hearing loss – it will happen to almost everyone, in exactly the same way as almost everyone will need glasses as they age.