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Hearing Loss

Hearing Test

About Hearing Tests?

The hearing test is completely painless and straightforward and is carried out by one of our experienced Hearing Care Consultants. When you book a free and no-obligation hearing test with Hearing Partners, our Consultants will advise you whether you actually need a hearing aid or not.

If the problem is one requiring medical attention, then a visit to your doctor rather than fitting you with an hearing aid would be recommended.

Our centres are equipped with an array of sophisticated equipment for our experienced Consultants to assess your hearing including tiny video cameras which allow a thorough examination, magnification and recording of the condition of the eardrum in a detail never previously possible. Audiometers, which measure the hearing sensitivity of each of your ears, are connected to computers to allow for the digital programming of Oticon hearing aids.

Our Consultants check each ear and are able to diagnose exactly the type of hearing loss you are experiencing and how best to proceed once this has been determined. The process and its conclusions will be fully explained to you throughout the consultation so there is no confusion. If possible, it would be good if you could bring along a family member or friend to your hearing test appointment. Your hearing test results will be kept strictly confidential.

How You Hear?

  1. The bowl or concha captures vibrations in the air.
  2. The sounds are carried through the outer auditory passage.
  3. The ear drum vibrates and passes the sound into the middle ear.
  4. The tiny bones in the middle ear transmit vibrations to the inner ear.
  5. The bony labyrinth and cochlea convert vibrations into nerve impulses via tiny hair cells.
  6. The auditory nerve transmits these impulses to the brain for recognition.